All half-size zines are $2-5 sliding scale, with the exception of Justice 4 Vanessa, which is $5-10 sliding due to its immense size.

All one-page minizines are $1-2 sliding scale.

The lower end of the scale is for lower income folks or folks buying for classrooms, libraries, or in bulk. If you can’t afford this, contact me and we can work something out. I also do trades, in fact I prefer them.

If you’re buying for an incarcerated person, zines are free except for postage and I’ll remove binding.

Half-Size Zines

A Second Chance for Kushal, July 2020, b&w: A collaboration between myself and my incarcerated friend Kushal, about his life and ambitions. All proceeds go to Kushal’s commissary.

All About Herpes, June 2016, b&w: A friendly, candid, and fact-filled infozine about transmission, safety, and sexiness around herpes.

Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?, August 2019, b&w: An infozine about prepping, just in time for COVID19.

Armchair Quarterbacker: Social Justice When You’re Too Disabled to Attend Protests, April 2017, b&w: Infozine with suggestions for engaging in social justice.

Barren at Last or, How I Achieved Gender Confirmation Surgery for Only $50, July 2015, b&w: A very frank info/perzine about my experience with gender dysphoria and tubal ligation. Includes photos!

Barren at Last 2: Even More Barren This Time, May 2018, b&w: A very frank info/perzine about my further experiences with gender dysphoria and subsequent hysterectomy. Includes photos!

Barren at Last 3: Crippled & Dry, March 2019, b&w: Perzine about my hysto-caused early perimenopause symptoms and chronic pain and how I dealt with it.

Capitalism + Transphobia are Killing Me, January 2017, b&w: Perzine about my experiences with transphobia in the workplace.

Fuckin Magnets, How Do They Work? My Experience with TMS, January 2019, b&w: Perzine about my experiences with major depression and OCD and being treated with transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Get Away From Me With Those Obligatory Hugs, October 2015, b&w: Perzine about how pervasive hugging is and why some folks might not want nonconsensual hugs.

Institutional Rape: Three Experiences, June 2019, b&w: Perzine about institutional rape. Semi-graphic text. All proceeds go to Safe Place, a sexual assault support nonprofit in Olympia, WA.

Justice 4 Vanessa Super Zine, June 2020, b&w: Three zines in one! A collab with my incarcerated friend Vanessa about her experience as a trans woman in a male prison, her disability due to a pharmaceutical company, and the situation with Covid in the prison. All proceeds go to her commissary.

OCD-Lightful: A Zine About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, March 2018, b&w: A compilation zine by folks with OCD about their experiences with OCD. Includes short stories, poetry, essays, and visual art.

Oneironautic Onanism / Dick Dreams: How Lucid Dreaming Helped Me Combat Dysphoria, October 2018, b&w: Perzine about lucid dreaming, with dreams starring my dick.


Birb Affirmations, April 2018, color: DBT skills minizine with loving affirmations.

Breathe With a Pokemon, April 2018, color: DBT skills minizine with breathing exercises.

Dildo 101, March 2016, b&w: An infozine about selection, use, and storage of dildos.

Flesh, January 2020, b&w: Perzine about my experience with anorexia and healing.

Grounding Kittens, April 2018, color: DBT skills minizine with a grounding exercise.

HALT, March 2020, color: DBT skills minizine about taking care of yourself when you feel lousy.

Loving Kindness Cats, April 2018, color: DBT skills minizine with a meditation.

Self Care Cats, November 2016, color: Cats suggesting self-care rituals.

Stomach Sucker, January 2020, b&w: Perzine about body image and learning to relax my belly.